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On this blog, we provide information and fun articles with advice and game guides on board, card, and role-playing games. By visiting this blog frequently, you will be able to stay in the know of all the latest games and get information on classic board and card games.

With classic games staying popular throughout the UK and many other parts of the world, we strive in keeping the love and passion for these games alive by helping newbies to understand how the most popular games work.

Board Games

Board games are tabletop games that use pieces to move on a pre-marked board and include elements of tables, role-playing, and cards. Most of these games require more than one person to play as a team. It works as a competition where the players challenge each other to beat the game.

There are many varieties of board games that can be bought in the UK. We provide detailed information on how to play these games, where to buy them, and advice on how to wing each game.

Card Games

Card Games - About

Card Games are widely used throughout the world as an easy and portable game to play anywhere. Being a popular way of playing games, there are a variety of games to play with cards, some being the traditional sets of diamonds, blubs, and some having unique features specific to the game.

Card games are use cards as the primary elements of playing the game and stands as the only things needed to get the game going. The rules in most of the traditional games are set on the

On this blog, you can learn all about playing popular card games and learn about tricks to use in your favour when playing against others.

Role-playing Games

Role-playing games work in a way that requires the players to assume the roles of characters in fictional settings. The players take responsibility for acting out roles within a narrative that fits in with the gameplay.

The acting can be done with either literal acting or through structured decision making in conjunction with the character and story of the game. Learn more about role-playing games on the WarGames Blog.