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How To Play Dominos

Dominos has been used in a variety of games for many years. It’s a popular game which can be played in teams of 2 or more but also as a single player. In this article, we will showcase how to play the “block game” using dominos which is one of the most played games in dominos.

How The Game Starts

How The Game Starts - How To Play Dominos

The game starts with the domino pieces being shuffled and placed upside down. Each player draws 6 pieces of dominos and keeps them so that the other players cannot see the number of dots presented on their pieces. The first person to play should have the double six-piece or the double 5 pieces. The player then has to play the double piece they have.

Playing The Game

Each player needs to place their pieces onto the table, and it should be positioned to touch the one end of the chain, which increases the length and breadth of the chain. Only a tile with a matching number may be connected to the chain.

Each tile that is being placed on the table should be positioned in a way that two mating ends are adjacent. If a double tile is placed, it can be placed square in any direction as long as it is fully connected to the other piece.

If a player is unable to place a piece into the chain, they lose their round to play. If the player has a piece that can be played, they are not allowed to skip the round.

The End

The end of the game is known as when a player plays the final stage of the game. Once the game cannot proceed as there is no piece, the game is finished.

Sometimes teams will play as getting one point for each beaten game and play a couple of rounds to count the overall points after several games. Follow this guide to play the Block version of dominos.