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Monopoly Tips and Tricks

Monopoly is not only an entertaining game but also an important game to learn more about business and especially the real estate industry and how to make profits. If the player is not very business savvy, it might be difficult for them to beat the game.

With all the most popular board games, monopoly has been one of the best-selling. Follow the tricks below to win easily.

Focus on the Railroads

Focus on the Railroads - Monopoly Tips and Tricks

The railroads usually pay much better than most of the properties due to being able to multiply once you have more than one. This is a much better option than buying utilities as they do not pay as much as the railroads.

Watch Your Cash Reserve While Buying as much Property as Possible

The overall goal of each player should be to buy as much property as possible but do not get bankrupt due to spending all the cash flow on properties. As not all properties are worth buying, it can help to skip on those to have extra cash for valuable properties.

The corner properties are great to buy as they can be a great advantage when other players land on them.

Use Jail to Your Advantage

Use Jail to Your Advantage - Monopoly Tips and Tricks

It’s not always necessary to worry about landing in jail. If you do get stuck in jail, make the best of it by waiting for players to land on your properties and pay rent while you are in jail.

In the beginning stages of the game, when a lot of properties are up for sale, it’s best to get out as soon as possible.

Auction Property Once the Other Players are Broke

Selling property once the other players are broke can be a great advantage and can provide a strategic way of beating the game. Driving up the property prices to bankrupt the other players can greatly improve the chances of those players falling out of the game.

When there are only a couple of properties left, and the players do not have much money left, then it’s time to auction the properties. Play Monopoly to start winning today!