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WarGames Blog is all about the board, card, and role-playing games and provides reliable and up to date information to our readers. We strive in engaging with our readers for them to understand all important aspects of classic and modern board and card games and where to buy them in the UK.

As a blog, we are constantly looking for new writers to join our team or to write guest posts on the blog. There are no particular games that we have a focus on but instead try to cover all the most popular, classic, and modern games which can be found in the UK. By joining our team or guest posting, you can be part of a team that’s passionate about games.

With board games being a popular pass time, we strive in keeping our posts fresh by allowing more writers to join our team and write about interesting ideas and guides on particular games they have experience in.

What We Are Looking for in Writers

What We Are Looking for in Writers - Write For Us

Our writers need to be able to have extensive knowledge of all thing’s games. This includes board, card, and role-playing games, which have to be available for purchase in the UK and fall under the categories we cover.

Knowledge of both classic and modern games are required for both guest posting and joining our team as a permanent writer. Being based in the UK is also important to us as you would need to know about the local gaming teams and specific rules, tips and tricks used locally.

Being able to play games well is vital as you would need to be able to provide advice on tips and tricks of the most popular games.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our team or would like to find out more about our requirements, topics, and more, contact us on our contact page for further information.